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Farm Shop

Waltham Place offers fresh biodynamic garden produce from June through to December, as well as organic preserves and juices, and home-reared biodynamic and organic meat throughout the year. Deliciously different, our ethos means that everything you buy has been produced here at Waltham using biodynamic and organic farming principles; our produce is therefore free from lengthy food miles and unnecessary packaging.

Our free-range organic pork, and 100% grass-fed biodynamic lamb, mutton and beef, offers meat produced to the highest welfare standards. As slower growing rare breeds, our livestock take longer to mature and are given as much time as they need. Our jams and chutneys are home-made and hand-made in the Waltham Place kitchens from freshly picked, home grown ingredients, whilst our apple juice is made with 100% apples, guaranteeing an excellent flavour.

PKS Bronze Copper Garden Tools.
Waltham Place are the UK distributor for PKS Bronze copper garden tools. A full range of tools is on display here at Waltham Place in the farm shop and available to order online at our sister website

Opening Times

Wednesdays  10 - 4 pm. Come and Browse We will have a range of seasonal fresh produce, plus frozen meat, preserves and apple juice for you to browse and select from.

Fridays  10 - 4 pm. Click and Collect We offer pre-ordered Seasonal Biodynamic Vegetable Boxes for collection. The Friday shop will also stock frozen meat, preserves, apple juice and any fruit or vegetables we have a glut of for you to add to your order.
The cut off for Veg Box Orders is 2 pm on a Thursday for collection the next day.

We now offer a second collection point in Maidenhead, at Filling Good, 22 High Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1QH. Please note that whilst you can add individual bottles of apple juice and preserves to vegetable box orders for this pick-up point, any orders for meat and large quantities of apple juice and preserves must be collected from Waltham Place.
Biodynamic and organic producebiodynamic and Organic meatClick & Collect Instructions

Biodynamic produce

From the Kitchen Garden

Biodynamic Vegetable Box

£ 12 
From £12 - £17
A seasonal box of vegetables, and fruit, grown biodynamically here at Waltham Place
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Organic Chutneys

£ 4 
Home-made chutneys - apple and walnut, Izach Steyn - infused with warming curry spices, red tomato, plum and beetroot
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Organic Jams

£ 4.50 
Home-made jams - raspberry, blackcurrant, plum, damson, rhubarb and ginger, greengage, and fig conserve
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Organic Marmalade

£ 4.50 
Home-made marmalade - seville orange and three fruit
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Organic Apple Juice - Orchard Blend

£ 4 
From £4 per bottle
Our apple juice is made from 100% apples harvested from the diverse array of apple trees in our ancient orchards
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A Year at Waltham Place

£ 10 
+ P&P for UK Postal Delivery
Connect with the rhythms of nature and mysteries of Waltham as you delve into this collection of writings and photographs from our archive of newsletters.
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seasonal availability

Try our delicious organic free-range pork and organic grass-fed lamb and mutton

Castlemilk Moorit Lamb and Mutton Boxes

Biodynamic and Organic, Free-range, Castlemilk Moorit Lamb and Mutton
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Pork Lard from organic Tamworth pigs
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A fascinating insight

A Year at Waltham Place

From £10 + P&P for UK postal delivery

Connect with the rhythms of nature as you delve into this collection of writings and photographs from our newsletters, dating back to 2015. A fascinating insight into the life of this biodynamic country estate.
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The Farm Shop

Friday Click and Collect Instructions

Enjoy our seasonal Biodynamic Vegetable Boxes every Friday with Click and Collect.

Click and Collect orders will be available from The Farm Shop, Waltham Place from 10- 4 pm.
The postcode is SL6 3JH. Please use the gate by the red post box. Directions

We are now partnering with Filling Good to offer a second collection point for Biodynamic Vegetable Boxes in Maidenhead. Filling Good is a community and not profit zero waste shop, mostly run by volunteers. If stated at the time of booking, Biodynamic Vegetable Boxes can be delivered to Filling Good, 22 High Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1QH, for collection from 10 - 4 pm on a Friday. Individual bottles of apple juice and preserves can be added to the Biodynamic Vegetable Box orders for this location, but please note that meat and large orders of preserves or apple juice can only be collected from Waltham Place.