The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden offers a lesson in simplicity. A small triangular garden, overshadowed by yew, this is a garden easily overlooked, yet with much to enjoy.
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The garden demonstrates a clever use of water, rocks and plants to create a place of great serenity. As in the Japanese Shakii style, the garden is evocative of a much larger landscape of lakes and mountains. Japanese maples inject seasonal colour into the space, whilst Bambusa Pseudosasa Japonica and Phyllostachys nigra, ‘old man’s beard’, yellow-berried yew and snowberries add contrast to the darker leaves above.

A shallow kidney-shaped pond lined with pebbles, reflects light. As a habitat this shallow pond exceeds expectations; home to a wealth of aquatic life far greater than its size would imply. Along with a host of small water invertebrates, newt tadpoles can be found here, hiding amongst the submerged pebble stones. A huge stone toad and toadlet stand guard, observing the many small birds and squirrels that frequent this private, meditative corner of the gardens.

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