Raw Milk

Here at Waltham Place, Jersey cows are part of the fabric of the estate and central to our farming operation

Their manure fertilisers our soils, whilst their delicious creamy milk nourishes our bodies. As predominantly grass-fed cows, they live outside in the fields for most of the year, only coming onto the farmyard for the wettest months of winter to protect the ground, where they are fed on biodynamic hay produced here on the farm. When milking, the cows are supplemented with a mixture of ancient grains (inc. spelt, einkorn and emmer) grown here on the estate. Our cows live in a herd that reflects the importance of their family dynamic. Calves remain with their mothers allowing them to develop family bonds and express their natural behaviours. From 5 months the calves are separated from their mothers at nighttime and are only weaned when ready.

You may wonder why our Raw Milk costs more than milk in the supermarkets?

Supermarkets benefit from the economies of scale and take advantage of cost cutting through mass production. Here at Waltham Place, we place the wellbeing of the cow at the centre of our ethos and strive to achieve the highest welfare standards. Our cows are only milked once a day, in the morning, ensuring there is ample milk for the calves and reducing strain on the cow herself. We treat our cows homoeopathically, believing in prevention rather than cure, and do not routinely treat our animals with antibiotics. These high welfare standards are reflected in the price.

What is Raw Milk?

We produce raw milk, in the belief that raw milk has many qualities that make it preferable to pasteurised milk. Historically all milk was raw, with pasteurisation only rising in popularity in the first half of the last century due to health issues associated with unpasteurised milk. At the time milk was transported from the countryside without the benefit of refrigeration and hygiene standards were not at the level they are today, so it is not surprising that problems arose. Modern systems allow farmers to tightly control milking regimes, testing milk frequently and ensuring storage at the optimum temperature in bulk tanks and fridges, so we can be sure that our milk is of top quality and a safe food for the consumer, even when unpasteurised.

Why Choose Raw Milk?

Raw milk is not pasteurised, homogenised or standardised. Raw milk is fresh from the cow and is simply filtered and cooled, ensuring that the full spectrum of nutrients and beneficial microbes are present in the milk. Milk is an incredible food source, containing vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, plus lactase enzymes to help with the breakdown of lactose. Studies have shown that pasteurisation may reduce the concentrations of some of these vitamins whilst homogenisation and standardisation reduce the levels of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and D.

Raw milk contains enzymes and factors that support immunity, which can be lost through pasteurisation. In recent years there has been much research into the gut microbiome and a recognition that a diverse gut microbiota aids health and wellbeing. In raw milk we find a living pro-biotic including bifidobacterium and lactobacilli amongst others.

Raw milk is highly monitored by the Food Standards Agency, as well as by our own staff during every milking session. The hygiene standards are higher than those used for pasteurised milk.

Raw milk will separate overnight in the bottle with a thick layer of cream forming at the top of the bottle. This top layer of cream is delicious on cereals or in coffee. If you wish to shake the bottle you can blend the cream in for a delicious whole Jersey milk experience.  Our milk is sold with the advice to keep it refrigerated and use within three days. It can be frozen on the day of purchase as long as you allow room for the milk to expand within the bottle. Defrost in the fridge and consume within three days.

Waltham Place Raw Jersey Milk is fully traceable as it comes from a single herd here at Waltham Place.

We offer Raw Milk for collection from 1- 4 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (with the exception of Bank Holidays). New stock will be added every Friday. Demand for raw milk is high, so please pre-order to avoid disappointment.

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