Food Processing

The estate has a rich history of food production centered around the Kitchen Garden and orchards which supply the ingredients for the jams and chutneys available from our shop.

Originally the jams, chutneys and other preserves were made for the main house as a way to use up surplus or gluts of fruit and vegetables, allowing the family and staff the opportunity to enjoy seasonal produce all year round. This avoided waste and allowed us to work towards our goal of being self- sufficient. With the opening of the original farm shop in the 1980’s these preserves were then made available to our customers. Now much of what we make is specifically for the farm shop. All the preserves are made to Soil Association organic standards by hand, in small batches, no more than ten jars per saucepan following the traditional domestic methods and recipes that our grandmothers would have used. We don’t use any artificial preservatives, additives or colourings even if they are permitted in organic products. We aim for a well-made homemade style using the fruit and vegetables we grow in the garden. Summer fruit jams have always been the most popular. Raspberry jam was the first preserve we made and to this day is the most popular, followed by blackcurrant, gooseberry and redcurrant.

Another farm shop favourite is our bottled organic apple juice. Pressed, pasteurized, and bottled at local farm, Drover’s Hill, the juice has an impressively low carbon footprint. Made using a diverse mixture of apples from our own orchards each batch is slightly different depending on the point in the season at which the apples were harvested. Containing nothing but pure juice, each bottle offers a taste experience unlike anything the supermarket has to offer.

In 2020 the farm began to work in partnership with Wildpress, to supply specific heirloom varieties of apple for their single and combined juice presses. Wildpress founders, Adam and Nadeem, source, pick, taste and pair lesser-known heritage apple varieties and seek out small, local, traditional, wild and pioneering orchards that are protecting and improving the natural environment around them. By valuing the produce and supporting the restoration and protection of these valuable orchard ecosystems Wildpress hope to make a real contribution to local regenerative farming. The Wildpress juices are flavourful and unique, perfect for pairing with food choices in the same way one might pair fine wines.

As staunch believers that our health is directly linked to the quality of our food it has been a long-term goal to achieve a high-quality, nutrient dense flour for use as a staple ingredient in many of the products for The Barn. Whether in breads, biscuits or bakes, a nourishing and flavoursome flour can elevate a product to the next level. Our Ancient Grains Project aims to create a landrace of grains that thrive here at Waltham Place, free from pesticides and artificial inputs. The resulting flour will have a distinctive terroir; it will be a flour unique to this place. For 2021 we have planted four acreages with cereal: Einkorn, Rye, a mix of Emmer/ Black Emmer /Spelt and a variety mix of ancient grains (wheat). With a goal of self-sufficiency, we have invested in storage bins, a de-huller and grain mill to allow us to handle and mill our own coarse flour on site. As the project progresses, we hope to supply Ancient Grain flour to both The Barn and to the public through our farm shop.

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Deliciously different, our biodynamic and organic ethos means that everything you buy will have been produced here at Waltham without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
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