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Raw Jersey Milk

£ 4 

per 750ml bottle

50p refund on clean bottle

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All fresh vegetables and fruits are harvested to order, enhancing the quality of our food and minimising waste. Please confirm your menu choice for each person in your party in the 'Comments' box provided during checkout.

Raw milk is not pasteurised, homogenised or standardised. Raw milk is fresh from the cow and is simply filtered and cooled, ensuring that the full spectrum of nutrients and beneficial microbes are present in the milk. In line with FSA guidelines we must make you aware that “This milk has not been heat-treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health.” (FSA). Raw milk will separate overnight in the bottle with a thick layer of cream forming at the top. This top layer of cream is delicious on cereals or in coffee. If you wish to shake the bottle you can blend the cream in for a delicious whole Jersey milk experience.

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