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Enjoy lunch at The Barn

A unique experience, with fresh seasonal dishes each week
The Barn at Waltham Place offers a unique experience, with fresh seasonal dishes in each week of the Summer season, made from home produced, biodynamic and organic produce. As a biodynamic and organic farm, the provenance of our food is key to all that we do. Our fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, receiving a detailed level of care and attention to their growth from the soil up, in the form of composts, mulches and biodynamic preparations. Our livestock are free ranging, biodynamic and organic, enjoying as natural a life as possible. Our Jersey cattle are 100% grass fed, whilst our Tamworth pigs enjoy a natural diet as they dig and forage out in the fields, supplemented by sprouted grains, apples and other fresh farm produce.

The barn is now closed for the winter season. We will re open in early June 2024.
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A seasonal menu of delicious home grown produce.