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Enjoy lunch at The Barn

A unique experience, with fresh seasonal dishes each week
The Barn at Waltham Place offers a unique experience, with fresh seasonal dishes in each week of the Summer season, made from home produced, biodynamic and organic produce. As a biodynamic and organic farm, the provenance of our food is key to all that we do. Our fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, receiving a detailed level of care and attention to their growth from the soil up, in the form of composts, mulches and biodynamic preparations. Our livestock are free ranging, biodynamic and organic, enjoying as natural a life as possible. Our Jersey cattle are 100% grass fed, whilst our Tamworth pigs enjoy a natural diet as they dig and forage out in the fields, supplemented by sprouted grains, apples and other fresh farm produce. Whether you opt for the vegetarian main meal or the meat option, you are guaranteed a meal that showcases our delicious seasonal vegetables and meat from the estate, cooked with care.

 10 - 4 pm. Pop in for coffee!
On Wednesday we offer you the opportunity to relax and unwind over lunch or refreshments without the need to book. Why not visit the farm shop or enjoy a garden tour, then pop in for a cup of tea and a slice of cake or enjoy one of our delicious home cooked lunches. Lunch served from 12 -2 pm. No booking required. 

Fridays  12 - 2.30pm. Bookings Only
On Friday we offer a unique experience, with a fresh menu each week to highlight our home produced, biodynamic and organic produce. To book your place please see the menus below. Please note: The deadline for bookings is 12 pm on Thursday for that week, to allow the chefs time to gather their ingredients and prepare the menu.

Deliciously Different!
During the Summer season The Barn is the perfect setting for a light lunch. This tranquil space utilises fresh seasonal ingredients from the gardens and farm, so the menu often reflects the time of year.

Opening Times

Saturday - Monday
Tuesday                      Private Tour Groups only
               10 - 4 pm
Thursday                     Private Tour Groups only
Friday                           12 - 2.30 pm Bookings only

Friday 9th June 2023

A mildly curried Bobotie Beef Burger (EGG, WHEAT GLUTEN, MILK, MUSTARD), served on a toasted English Muffin (WHEAT GLUTEN) with Izach Steyn’s Blatjang (MUSTARD). Accompanied by Garden Salad.


Courgette and Herb Sformato served with Garlic Bread (WHEAT GLUTEN, MILK) and Tomato Chutney (MUSTARD). Accompanied by Garden Salad.


Individual Rhubarb Crumble (WHEAT GLUTEN,MILK).

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Friday 16th June 2023


Oven Roasted Lamb Kofta-style Kebab served with Tomato Chutney (MUSTARD), organic Feta Cheese (MILK) in a wholemeal FlatBread (WHEAT GLUTEN). Served with Garden Salad.  


Vegetarian Kofta-style Kebab served with Tzatziki Sauce (MILK) in a wholemeal Flat Bread (WHEAT GLUTEN).

Served with Garden Salad.  


Rhubarb Fool (MILK, EGGS) with Cigarettes Russes (WHEAT GLUTEN, MILK, EGGS).

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Friday 23rd June 2023

Estate Reared Pulled Pork served with Barbeque Sauce (SOYA, FISH, CELERY, BARLEY), Lumpy Apple Sauce and Pickled Kohl Rabi (MUSTARD) in a soft Bun (WHEAT GLUTEN). Accompanied by Garden Salad.


Vegetarian Pulled “Pork” served with Barbeque Sauce (SOYA, FISH) and Pickled Kohl Rabi (MUSTARD) in a soft Bun (WHEAT GLUTEN).

Accompanied by Garden Salad.


Crème Caramel with Rhubarb Compote (MILK, EGG)

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Friday 30th June 2023

Oven Roasted African Style Boerewors Sausages (Sulphites) served with Mustard Seed Cole Slaw (MUSTARD) and Boulangère Potatoes.


A Mild Curried Vegetarian Bobotie Burger(MUSTARD, EGG, WHEAT GLUTEN, MILK) served in an English Muffin (WHEAT GLUTEN, EGG, MILK) with Izach Steyn’s Blatjang (MUSTARD).

Accompanied by Garden Salad.


Gooseberry Tart (MILK, WHEAT GLUTEN) with Elderflower Syrup.

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Friday 7th July 2023

Beef Stroganoff Pizza, Roast Vegetable Pizza, Pizza Margherita all served with Garden Salad de Jour.


Eton Mess with Shortbread Fingers.

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Friday Lunch 14th July 2023

Estate Reared Beef Patty served en crouton with Welsh Rarebit (WHEAT GLUTEN, MUSTARD, SULPHITES, MILK), Tomato and Rocket Salad. Accompanied with French Fried Potatoes (CHIPS) 


Bhaji Style Vegetarian Burger (MILK)served with Raita (MILK) and Mango Chutney on a Naan bread (GLUTEN, MILK).


Victoria Sponge (WHEAT GLUTEN, EGG, MILK) with Fresh Fruit from the garden.

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