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Waltham Place, a 220 acre organic and biodynamic farm and garden which offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore a series of naturalistic gardens, surrounding countryside and learn about the importance of sustainability and biodiversity.
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Our Philosophy

The philosophy at Waltham Place is based on a belief that the farm and surrounding gardens, woodlands, lake and fields should be managed in a holistic way where wildlife is valued and protected. Visitors are encouraged to understand the links between plants and animals and the health of this vibrant landscape.
Our history


Soil Association OrganicDemeter biodynamic certificationEndorsed ny Biodynamic Association Board of Studies

Celebrating 100 years of Biodynamic Agriculture

We're hosting a cycle of events to celebrate the achievements of biodynamic agriculture
100 Year Events

biodynamic by nature

Visiting us at Waltham Place

We welcome visitors of all ages, from school children, biodynamic apprentices, garden enthusiasts and volunteers, through to our outreach groups working with those with sight loss or dementia. We aim to inspire and educate others to consider the needs of the environment and adopt a chemical free approach to gardening and to their food.

Throughout the year, a series of walks, talks, events and courses are on offer allowing you to join us on a journey of exploration into the flora, fauna, food and philosophy of Waltham Place.

Our farm shop offers seasonal, home produced fruit, vegetables and meat reflected in The Barn's menu of seasonal produce.

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We view the farm as a whole interconnected organism. The cows provide manure, whilst the gardens provide compost, to feed the soils and boost fertility. The soils grow our crops and grasses for the animals to eat. The cycle is continual, supported by a healthy ecosystem of fungus, invertebrates, animals and birds, working in harmony to keep the system in balance. Waltham has a timeless beauty and is a joy to visit in any season.
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Ornamental Gardens

The gardens at Waltham Place offer the visitor a unique perspective on gardening; a marriage of ancient and modern ideas where diverse naturalistic plantings exist within the formal boundaries of 17th Century walled gardens and clipped hedges of box and yew. Organic since 1984 and biodynamic since 2006, traditional knowledge informs our gardening practices, and chemicals are banned from the gardens. An oasis for wildlife, the gardens are home to a vast array of invertebrates, birds and small mammals who all play a role in the life of this beautiful and fascinating garden. Waltham has a timeless beauty and is a joy to visit in any season.
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What’s on at Waltham place

Flora, fauna, food and philosophy

Walks, Tours, Events
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With walks, tours, events and courses running throughout the year, there are many ways to visit Waltham and experience the life of this vibrant farm and gardens.
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Fresh vegetables and produce

The Farm Shop

Pop in to The Farm Shop, from 5th June to December,  for freshly harvested seasonal biodynamic fruit and vegetables, organic free-range meat, plus preserves, chutneys and apple juice.  
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Fresh from the farm
Seasonal menus

Food and Drink

During the Summer season, from 5th June to 27th September, The Barn is the perfect setting for a light lunch, showcasing seasonal ingredients produced  here at Waltham Place.
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