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Biodynamic farming

We view the farm as a whole interconnected organism. The cows provide manure, whilst the gardens provide compost, to feed the soils and boost fertility.
In 2024, Biodynamic Agriculture will complete 100 years of existence. Recognised for the quality of its production, the movement continuously grows and is now present in more than 55 countries with more than 600,000 acres of certified biodynamic production.

At the core of biodynamic agriculture is the aim to nurture living soils with lasting fertility for future generations. The biodynamic farmer and gardener is in constant dialogue with nature to create a self-sustaining farm organism where all activities and enterprises support each other. Biodiversity, crop rotation, composting, preventative methods to control pests and diseases and the use of biodynamic preparations are some of the tools available for the farmers and gardeners to optimise the health and vitality of the produce.

The integration of livestock in our farms is very important to support the ecological balance of the farm organism. Biodynamic certification guarantees the highest standards for animal welfare, for instance we aim to produce all the feed necessary for our animals, ensuring that we only have the number of stock that the land can sustain. That is a reciprocal relationship as the animals are fundamental for the fertility of the land.

Biodynamics acknowledges and works with nature’s rhythms and other subtle cosmic forces to create nutrient dense rich foods that feeds humans in a holistic way. Through the sharing of skills and knowledge we aim to reconnect people with nature.

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