Biodynamic gardening

Student Internships

Waltham Place hosts college and university age students on work experience internships each year.

Waltham Place welcomes interest from students, aged 16 and over, for a short internship to gain a true understanding of the life of a working farm and garden. Working with our knowledgeable team the students are based in the Kitchen Garden but rotate around different departments to gain additional experience of the farm, livestock, and in summer,  the running of the tearoom.

The students form a valuable part of our farming year, lending willing hands and youthful enthusiasm. By working with young people in this way we hope to inspire and motivate others to follow a land-based career, whilst demonstrating the hallmarks of biodynamic farming: how we farm and garden without resorting to artificial inputs and chemical solutions, how the different sectors on small scale mixed farms support one another and how wildlife can be incorporated into the farm organism.

To express an interest in a student internship contact