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Raw Jersey Milk

£ 4 

(50p refund on return of the bottle)

Biodynamic Raw Jersey Milk

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All fresh vegetables and fruits are harvested to order, enhancing the quality of our food and minimising waste. Please confirm your menu choice for each person in your party in the 'Comments' box provided during checkout.

Our raw milk sales are currently suspended; the cows have come indoors for winter which means they are eating hay instead of grass resulting in a sharp decline in milk production. The calves are currently taking all of the milk which is as it should be for strong growth and health going into winter. We are currently waiting for the ground to dry out so that the cows can go back onto grass, which will increase their milk production so that milking can resume. We thank you for your understanding.

Check back in March for availability.

GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: This milk has not been heat treated and may contain organisms harmful to health.

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