Tree identification workshop -‘The oak and other native trees’ Friday 23rd August 10am -3.30pm
Join Martin Woolner for a one day workshop learning to identify our native deciduous trees along with some of the common conifers. Martin will cover the distinctive features of trees. Using keys and samples he will teach us a range of different techniques to help with their identification. The morning session will also cover tree identification apps, how to network with tree wardens and conservation.
After lunch Martin will lead us on an afternoon walk to appreciate and understand the ecology of the estate’s oak trees. Oak trees are the top UK habitat for wildlife, supporting more species than any other British tree. Martin will walk us through the various invertebrates, mammals, birds, fungus and plants that use this fabulous tree as a host.
Price: £30 to include a light organic lunch. Donation to Wild Cookham
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Church Hill.

Annual moth night Friday 30th August 8.15pm – 11pm FULLY BOOKED
Join our moth experts as we visit the woods after dark to take part in our yearly moth survey. Moth experts will be on hand to identify the moths and chat about the different species. 533 species of moth have been recorded here since 2002 so let’s see if we can add to that total.
Price: £7 Proceeds to Wild Maidenhead
Meeting point: By arrangement

Outdoor Cooking- Saturday 31st August 10am-3pm
Do you love eating outdoors? Join the team for a day of outdoor cooking. Harvest, prepare, cook and eat in the Kitchen Garden of Waltham Place.
Price: £30 (Special rates for families and groups)
Meeting point: The Tearoom, Waltham Place, Church Hill.

Discover Biodynamics Day – Friday 6th September 9.30am-4pm
Join our Biodynamic Gardening team in the delightful gardens of Waltham Place for this one day introduction to Biodynamic Gardening. Throughout the day, you will learn how to care for your soil and plants using Biodynamic methods, thus maximising their health and vitality.
Price: £30 to include a light lunch
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Waltham Place, Church Hill.

Fermented foods for a healthier life – Saturday 7th September 10am-4pm
Do you want to feel healthier and more focused or struggle with food cravings and mood swings? Kick start your gut biome with a healthier diet this Autumn. Join Sonia Dunduru for a one day course teaching the skills required to make simple, yet powerful, fermented foods such as cream cheese, yoghurt, kefir milk, kefir cheese, clabber, cultured butter, creme fraîche, sour cream, and sauerkraut, at home. Also fermented drinks such as jun, coconut kefir and kvass. These rich probiotic foods, correctly made and incorporated into your lifestyle, are vital and will help maintain gut health, boost the immune system, balance hormone levels and restore energy. Sonia will include lots of opportunities to taste and make fermented foods in this interactive and hands on day. Glass jars will be provided for the items you will make to take home.
Price: £80 to include lunch and refreshments
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Waltham Place, Church Hill.

Sacred Geometry in Flowers and Plants – Saturday 21st September 2019 10am – 5pm
Join us for this one-day workshop where we will explore the beauty and pattern within nature and the cosmos. Simple guided meditation in the peaceful gardens of Waltham Place with gardener, Ute Wegener, together with sessions in the practice and philosophy of sacred geometry with Master geometer, Daniel Docherty, will form the core of the course. There also will be time for meditative reflection and nature/flower observation. The incredible harmony and beauty inherent in nature will be explored through the construction of patterns using the traditional geometer’s tools of compass and straightedge. This will lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Golden Ratio and the presence of Fibonacci and Phi principles in the world around us.
Price: £65 To include a light organic lunch and refreshments
Meeting point: The Tearoom, Waltham Place, Church Hill.

Apple Walk – Saturday 5th October 10.30pm-1pm
Enjoy a woodland walk and tour of the estate’s apple orchards, tasting the many old apple varieties. Press apples using a traditional barrel press and taste the finished juice.
Price: £10 to include refreshments
Meeting point: The Tearoom, Waltham Place, Church Hill.

Introduction to Astronomy Workshop with Ian Bailey Saturday 12th October 2019 10am – 6pm
Since ancient times mankind has been aware of the influences of the Moon on the seasons and plant growth, as well as animal and human behaviour. Biodynamics acknowledges these and other subtle cosmic forces, and works with them throughout the growing cycle to promote health and vitality to our gardens and farms. On this practical and engaging workshop, Ian Bailey, will guide the group to create a planisphere in order to understand and experience the movements of the planets and stars around us. How to work with the Biodynamic Planting Calendar will also be presented.
Price: £40 including a light lunch and refreshments
Meeting point: The Tearoom, Waltham Place, Church Hill.

Autumn Wildlife Garden Walk Thursday 24th October 2019 10.30am-12.30pm
Join us in the gardens and grounds of Waltham Place as we look at the characteristics of a
nature garden that allows it’s wildlife to overwinter successfully until Spring.
With local naturalist Brian Clews as our guide, helping to identify and understand the species we find.
Price: £7 to include refreshments. Proceeds to Wild Cookham
Meeting point: The Tearoom, Waltham Place, Church Hill.

Biodynamic and organic gardening course 10am-5pm on all 6 dates
Turn your garden into a haven for nature and produce healthy food for your family and friends with our step-by-step workshops to guide you through the gardening year. Join the Biodynamic Gardening team in the delightful gardens of Waltham Place to learn the key biodynamic and organic practices that allow you to grow fruit and vegetables without the need for artificial input or chemical pesticides. From the first steps of planning a vegetable garden, to the final harvest of the year, we’ll offer you our expert advice and guidance.

Module 1: Saturday 23rd November 2019 – planning an organic / biodynamic vegetable garden
Module 2: Saturday 18th January 2020 – sowing seeds and plant propagation
Module 3: Saturday 7th March 2020 – cultivation and fertilisation
Module 4: Saturday 4th April 2020 – health & vitality: natural prevention of pests & diseases
Module 5: Saturday 16th May 2020 – appreciation and guidance
Module 6: Saturday 6th June 2020 – harvesting and storage (including seed saving)

Price: £150 To include refreshments.

To book for an event please contact stating the name of the event and the number of places required, or telephone 01628 825 517.