Organic and Biodynamic Gardening Course (Friday Course) Fully Booked
Step by step workshops to guide you through the gardening year
Turn your garden into a haven for nature and produce healthy food for your family and friends.
Join Biodynamic grower and seed specialist, Andre Tranquilini, in the gardens of Waltham Place. Through a series of 6 workshops Andre will share with you the biodynamic and organic practices that allow us to grow our fruits and vegetables without the need for artificial inputs or chemical pesticides. From the first steps of planning a vegetable garden to the final harvest of the year, Andre will offer his expert advice and guidance.

Module 1 : Planning an organic / biodynamic vegetable garden -Friday 11th January 2019-10am-5pm
Module 2 : Sowing seeds and plant propagation -Friday March 1st 2019 – 10am-5pm
Module 3 : Cultivation and fertilisation -Friday 5th April 2019 – 10am-5pm
Module 4 : Health and vitality. Natural Prevention of pests and diseases -Friday 17th May – 10am-5pm
Module 5 : Appreciation and guidance -Friday 28th June 2019 – 10am-5pm
Module 6 : Harvesting and storage (including seed saving) -Friday 5th July 2019 -10am-5pm

Cost: £20 per module or £100 for all 6 modules. To include tea and coffee.
Booking essential: / 01628 825517
Parking: Outside the tearoom.

Organic and Biodynamic Gardening Course (Saturday Course) Fully Booked
Please check your confirmation email for dates.

Breadmaking Wednesday 6th March 2019 9.30am-4pm Fully Booked
Waltham Place Chef, Adrian, explains the basics of bread making and will teach you how to make a variety of breads including ciabatta, sour dough rye and seeded. We will also cover enriched doughs such as brioche, croissant and hot cross buns. There really is nothing like home made bread for taste or quality.
Price: £55 To include a light organic lunch and refreshments
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Church Hill.

The Art of Preserving Wednesday 27th March 2019 9.30am-4pm Fully Booked
Explore the traditional skill of preserving with Waltham Place Chef, Adrian. Whether berries collected from the hedgerow or a glut of fruit or vegetables from your garden, Adrian will teach you how to make a range of jams,chutneys and fruit cordials.Perfect to give as gifts or to stock your own pantry.
Price: £55 To include a light organic lunch and refreshments
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Church Hill.

Log Hive Course Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 2019 Fully Booked
Support wild honey bee populations by building a log hive under the guidance of natural beekeeping expert Matt Somerville. Designed to stand alone, on stilts, or sited high up in the tree tops, log hives offer wild honey bees a non-intrusive home. Supporting our bees as pollinators, rather than honey producers, log hives are designed to offer good insulation in Winter or Summer, mimicking the environment bees choose in the wild. With minimal intervention the bees are subject to natural selection which weeds out the weak, thus creating strong, healthy colonies capable of coping with pests and diseases. This is a low intensity way to keep bees offering minimal stress for both the bees and the beekeeper. The course includes dinner and a talk on natural beekeeping on Saturday evening.
Price: £170 – Make a log hive to take away. You can choose to site your hive in a tree or we can provide the plans to make stilts. OR £50 – Learn to make a hive, which will be sited in a tree on the estate.
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Church Hill.

Natural Beekeeping Talk Saturday 30th March 2019 6-7pm Just 1 place remaining
Join us for an evening talk on Natural Beekeeping with Gareth John, associate of the Natural Beekeeping Trust. Gareth John has kept bees on and off for nearly 50 years and now manages his colonies using natural methods. Developing a close relationship with the bees is key – understanding how bees behave and communicate with one another, how essential they are to the health of our environment and the factors which keep them in good health. Gareth now keeps bees for the benefit of the bees rather than for honey, just as we do at Waltham Place. The bees are not treated and yet remain healthy in bee-appropriate hives with little or no interference. If you would like to support wild honey bees, learn more about honey bees in general or wish to adopt a more bee-centric approach to your bee keeping please join us in the tearoom for this interesting talk. As this talk is also part of our Log Hive Course we will have a log hive on display and will be joined by Matt Somerville of Bee Kind Hives.
Price: £10 To include refreshments
Meeting point: The Tearoom, Waltham Place.

Dawn Chorus Walk Saturday 4th May 2019 5.30am-7.30am Fully Booked
Experience the Dawn Chorus here at Waltham Place as we explore the beautiful grounds listening to the great variety of birdsong. Local bird expert Brian Clews will be leading the walk, teaching us how to identify the different calls and how to differentiate between them. An uplifting and energising start to the day.
Price: £15 to include a breakfast roll ( bacon and /or egg ) or muesli and a hot drink after the walk.
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Church Hill.

To book for an event please contact stating the name of the event and the number of places required, or telephone 01628 825 517.