Kitchen Garden
Vegetables, herbs and soft fruit of special quality are grown in our Kitchen Garden which extends to nearly a hectare. Using organic and biodynamic methods our gardeners seek to work with nature to limit damage from pests and plant disease, rather than to control nature using artificial inputs. Crop rotation, companion planting, mulching and composting combine to reach this goal. The gardeners strive to protect and nurture the soil, working it by hand and feeding it with composted manure and garden compost made onsite. Green manures are included in the crop rotations to improve soil fertility and structure and prevent leaching over the Winter. The application of Biodynamic preparations further supports the soil food web to support the growth of healthy crops packed with vitality, vitamins and minerals. The resulting harvest of Fruit and Vegetables can be purchased at our Farm Shop in Summer or ordered via our customer newsletter during the closed season.

Please note that photography is not permitted in the gardens at any time.