Waltham Place Farm is a 220 acre organic and biodynamic farm of which 50 acres is woodland and gardens, 40 acres is arable and the remainder is permanent pasture and grass leys. We keep a herd of native Jersey cows, a flock of Castlemilk Moorit sheep, a herd of Tamworth pigs and a small flock of free-range chickens and guinea fowl. We are a closed system providing for our own needs rather than buying in. We grow cereal crops for winter feed for the livestock and make our own hay and silage for winter fodder for the cattle. From time to time we buy in new bulls and rams to replenish the bloodlines and ensure healthy livestock.  We mill rye and spelt flour for breadmaking.

The fields are strip grazed using electric fencing to ensure the animals have fresh grass, producing less waste and reduced ground impact. The fields are sprayed with biodynamic preparations 500 and 501, which we make ourselves. We believe that a healthy soil produces healthy food so manure is spread onto the arable fields before ploughing to feed the soil. We grow field vegetables on a small scale.